Rapid Prototyping

Share and show the potential of your ideas

Blue Code Solutions offers a structured method to help clients go from a new business idea to a digital prototype. Our senior teams identify potential issues and make necessary adjustments before moving forward with the final product.

Fast and cost effective

Within 2 - 6 weeks we will develop a prototype depending on your requirements and objectives. This can be a real click-based demo or a 0.1 version which will party run on a low-code platform. Central to the solutions will be the top level selected features along with solution design and UI-UX functionalities.

Why work with Blue Code to develop your digital prototype:



The Blue Code team has 22+ years of experience in digital product development and launches from both business, design and tech perspective.

Greater flexibility

Rapid prototyping allows us to easily iterate on your product design based on feedback from you and your users, so you can refine your product and make improvements as needed.

Reduced risk

Rapid prototyping allows us to quickly demonstrate a new product and/or service to your stakeholders, such as managers, potential investors or partners. This will allow you to raise investment, realise buy-in or get that great partner on board before investing and building the full solution.


High collaborative approach

We work closely with you throughout the work processes. This way we ensure speed, work on same page and increased allignment.

Access to expertise

Our team has extensive experience in technology development across various industries. We bring this expertise to your product development project. Expertise in what is viable from both technology and business angles.

Low Code Setup

Our low code setup allows fast development of high-fidelity prototypes that users can interact with. It also cuts down the time and resources needed to develop complex web based products.

Time to market

Quick feedback, transparent workflows and high confidence. Our business values ensure continuous improvement in transforming your business idea into a high-fidelity digital prototype.

Learn how we can push your project forward

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