Quality of life is the secret:
Alicante offers a great work-life balance

The world has evolved, and we and technology have moved with it. There are no geographical boundaries. From Alicante, the Blue Code teams builds digital products and teh hubs tailored to the unique requirements of many international clients and projects. We pride ourselves by always delivering the best results while sticking to a healthy work-life balance.

Weather, culture, nature, gastronomy, the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle and open-minded multicultural society make Alicante a privileged location.

A strong work ethic

The high quality of life and optimum work-life balance is the reason why many EU citizens have chosen Alicante to live and work.

A nearby airport

Alicante is well-connected by air, land and sea. The International Airport has been awarded as the best in Europe and manages 13 million yearly passengers.

A bright tech future

The local government, together with universities and other institutions, have joined forces to boost the tech industry in the Alicante region.

Learn how we bring your ideas to life

Alicante breathes a good work-life balance. This balance between people, technology and business is a key for creating sustained success.